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Are you a swamped executive looking to improve your organizations’ processes? See how AgileSeventeen can work with your busy work schedule. With online courses and personal coaching, we strive to make obtaining your certification easy.

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Uncover how an Agile Scrum Master Certification, Product Owner and Scrum Team Certifications can transform organizations and careers alike.

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Training was accessible and available to me regardless of the time constraint issues I had prior to class commencement.

Agileseventeen instructors showed unmatched work ethics in tutoring that made my learning experience very memorable. The level of support received  before, during and after the training tremendously accelerated me to seat and pass two certifications as a Product Owner and as a Scrum Master. I recommend this training for anyone looking to make a rewarding career shift. 
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Common questions asked around Agile and Scrum

Common questions asked around Agile and Scrum

What is Agile? Agile is the mindset around three key variables of people, culture & process. It is the practice and principle of being not doing   What is Agile Scrum? Agile Scrum is an iterative based model of Agile software development in which a small...

Agile vs Waterfall – Understanding the difference.

Agile vs Waterfall – Understanding the difference.

In software development, two critical methodologies are used amongst teams; the Agile methodology and the waterfall model methodology. This article seeks to discuss the underlying difference between the two methodologies. The Waterfall model methodology This...

Strategic communication, planning in the organization

Strategic communication, planning in the organization

One component that plays a vital role in the efficiency of an organization is strategic communications and planning. Strategic communications and planning are generally about outlining communication efforts based on the team. It means developing a plan that will guide...

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