About Us

Our Founder

AgileSeventeen was founded in 2017 by Markanthony Akem. He’s had a long and rewarding career full of rich experiences in Agile software development, business analysis, and systems design. Markanthony sees change as an inevitable evolutionary force in any business’s life cycle. It is why he has dedicated his life to being an active agent of change.

Through his efforts, Markanthony has successfully implemented multi-million-dollar solutions across various industries. These solutions transformed the strategic outlook and market position of numerous fortune 500 companies.

Markanthony’s dynamism is a result of the various environments that he has thrived in throughout his life. Born in England, he spent most of his life in Nigeria where he was awarded a degree in Economics from Ebonyi State University. His journey continued in the United States, where he received a graduate degree from the University of Phoenix. Graduating in among the top 5 students of his class, Markanthony displayed immense academic acumen.

Our Story

Following our establishment in 2017, we have gone from strength to strength. From our humble beginnings with 4 students to our most recent batch of 40, we have constantly improved our offering to better serve our partners.

Our industry-best practices and solutions have improved the earning potential of both our students and business partners. Our diverse portfolio of services provides immense opportunities for small businesses to gain competitive advantages and secure higher earnings.

Along with these gains, we have transformed work practices and organizational structures to make our partners more efficient and competitive in line with the modern business environment.

Our Mission

"To provide world-class Agile training and consulting services that help organizations transform their businesses and create lasting value."

Our Vision

"To be the market leader in Agile training and consulting, helping organizations across the world thrive in today's rapidly changing marketplace."

Our Core Values


We maximize value for our clients by collaborating and co-creating solutions. This way, we unlock the power of collective genius.


We are constantly learning and evolving so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients. This helps us stay ahead of the curve and deliver value that is unmatched.


We treat our clients, employees, and partners with care and consideration. This helps us build long-lasting relationships.



We are committed to working toward a higher ideal. This allows us to go above and beyond for our clients.