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Stay ahead with client engagement by standing out with your website, professional business logo, website analytics, website support and maintenance services. Our service packages are tailored around affordability.  

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We sustain improvements through continued engagement with our clients and students by providing resume tips, interview tips, social media page design, digital profile development, and referral management services.

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Agileseventeen is leading the conversation through our community forum. Join other leaders in round table discussions on business improvement, tech talk and trends, Journal publications, Agile bullets and our soon to launch podcast.

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Showcase your business to a diverse customer base and broaden your offerings by placing running ads on our agileseventeen website. We have growing traffic of over two thousand guest visits per month from all around the world.

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We provide agility training for small businesses on how to optimize and improve business outcomes by focusing on three critical success components of people, culture, and process.

7 Must Haves For Evangelization

The use of waterfall methodology has typically been the standard for project development and management.

Nonetheless, the spread of agile as a concept began at a time not too long ago as a result of rapidly growing productivity needs and faster product to market delivery requirements.

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