Switching Careers

Switching Careers: An insight and perspective

In the course of my work, I have realized that the way to get results is working in the following ways.

  • Working with people that have an agile mindset.
  • Working with people that believe in the vision of the organization.
  • Working with people that are willing to be trained.
  • Working with individuals that are dedicated and motivated to work.

Initially, there may be a lot of hand holding involved to align individuals with no prior experience in the agile domain. My advice to such people is to stay consistent and to the Agile coach, patience and empathy can go a long way. It is easy for people to abandon the agile process if they are not constantly held accountable.

Ensuring your employees or the people in your department follow through constantly will require an agile coach. This is where companies like mine (Agileseventeen LLC) come into the picture to position organizations from a people, culture, and process standpoint.

For more context:

Agileseventeen LLC is a hub service provider that offer training for professionals and small businesses in areas of:

1. Quality Assurance
2. Scrum Professional Training
3. Business Analysis
4. Jira Fundamental Training and Business Analytics.

You can visit our website for more details www.agileseventeen.com

Written by: Talkagile