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Dual Course


Advance your skill set and knowledge by attending our  Business Analysis and Agile Scrum training. We have tailored this training to combine both analytical and change mindset needed for today’s workplace.




Our combination course offer provides students with critical thinking and innovative skills needed in Business Analysis and Agile Scrum. We have tailored this training to prep professionals in need of dual skill set required for a competitive market. This training is over a 3(Three) month period.

What to expect

  1. An engaged class of students.
  2. Understanding of decomposition and analytical techniques.
  3. Simulation of real work scenarios of  project methodologies, technics and team collaboration skills.
  4. Cultivation of needed leadership skills necessary for advancement.
  5. Interview preparation tips.
  6. Resume preparation tips.

Class schedule

Tuesday classes

Start time: 7:00pm

End time: 9:00pm

Thursday classes

Start time: 7:00pm

End time: 9:00pm


Training classes are available online. All onsite classes are determined by the number of students enrolled and their preference for onsite.

N/B: Class size required for onsite is minimum of 5 (Five)  to a maximum of 10 (Ten) students enrolled for any specific training session. Price for class is reduced and starts at $1200 for class size 5 and above.



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