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Business Analytics


Propel your career to next heights with a training /certification in Power BI and position to unlock your
potentials with one of the most sort after expertise in today’s marketplace.




Our training class combines an on the job and theoretical experience from our instructors with over 5 years of Power BI and project management experience. A Power BI training grounds student with innovative and analytical skills needed for a career as a seasoned Power BI expert

What to expect
1. An engaged class of students.
2. An in-depth networking and participatory session.
3. Simulation of real work of projects, analysis, technics, and communication skills.
4. LinkedIn targeted job searching techniques.
5. Interview preparation tips.
6. Resume preparation tips.

Class Schedule:

Saturday Class (This training is for 8 weeks and occurs only on Saturday)

Start time: 10:00am
End time: 2:00pm


Available online only.


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