Setting Sail with SAFe: The 7 Core Competencies of Enterprise Agility

Ever dreamt of being a pirate, sailing through a chain of islands, each offering unique treasures? Well, you’re in luck! The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is your treasure map, leading you to seven core competencies or ‘islands’ that hold the golden secrets to navigating the wild seas of business. So, put on your hat, and let’s embark on this adventurous journey!

Welcome Aboard the SAFe Ship

First things first, let’s get to know our ship.

SAFe is like the unsinkable vessel that helps your business float, even when the waves of change and competition are trying their best to rock your boat. It’s not just a framework—it’s your business’s best buddy in the choppy waters of the corporate sea.

Let’s hoist the anchor and embark on our journey to the seven islands, each one representing a core competency set in the SAFe framework.

Take a look!

The Island of Lean-Agile Leadership

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a crew of Jack Sparrows? Lean-Agile Leadership turns your leaders into captains who can steer the ship, inspire the crew, and chart the course to treasure. They lead by example, embracing the agile mindset and the SAFe principles, fostering an environment where continuous learning is the norm.

The Cove of Team and Technical Agility

Docking at this island, we learn the importance of high-performing teams armed with technical prowess. Imagine your crew as a band of savvy pirates, each skilled with their own unique abilities, collaborating effectively to sail through any storm, always ready to deliver high-quality solutions.

The Land of DevOps and Release on Demand

Welcome to the island where your IT crew becomes a well-oiled machine. Here, your teams learn to break down silos, integrating and automating processes to deliver value instantly, just like a loyal parrot delivering messages on command!

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The Peninsula of Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering

This island is like the cartographer’s desk, where large, complex solutions are designed and engineered. It’s where your crew learns to build reliable systems, aligning on the most effective architectural and design decisions to avoid hidden rocks and reefs.

The Isle of Lean Portfolio Management

Imagine this island as the ship’s crow’s nest, providing a strategic view of the entire business portfolio. From here, you align your enterprise strategy to the team’s execution, ensuring that your ship is always sailing towards the most profitable horizon.

The Atoll of Organizational Agility

Touching down on this island, your business learns to act swiftly and effectively, like a pirate spotting an opportunity for treasure. This competency fosters a flexible organization that can quickly pivot, respond to market changes, and seize new opportunities.

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The Archipelago of Enterprise Solution Delivery

Last but not least, this island emphasizes the importance of delivering complex solutions that provide real value to customers and users. It’s like finding the ultimate treasure chest, filled with pearls of customer satisfaction and gold coins of business success.

Anchoring at the Shore: Reaping the Rewards of SAFe

By successfully sailing through these seven islands and mastering the core competencies of SAFe, your business will unlock a trove of benefits:

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction


X Marks The Spot

Like a pirate finding the perfect treasure, a SAFe enterprise delights its customers, offering high-quality solutions that hit the mark every time.

Smooth Sailing: Reduced Time to Market

With SAFe, your business can navigate swiftly from idea to execution, keeping you ahead in the race for innovation.

Increased Employee Engagement (The Treasure Trove)

When your crew members feel empowered and engaged, it’s like finding a chest of priceless gems – boosting morale, productivity, and retention.

Final Thoughts

Setting sail with SAFe is like embarking on a thrilling adventure, where each competency island holds the key to mastering the high seas of business. By embracing these competencies, your business can navigate any storm, find the treasure, and relish the sweet taste of success.

Ready to embark on your SAFe journey?

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Ahoy, success!