Why You Need an Agile Coach ?

In business, being Agile is essential to success.Being able to rapidly adapt to change is a key factor in any organization’s ability to survive and thrive. An agile coach can help ensure that your employees or team members are able to be nimble and adaptable, two qualities that are essential in today’s business world.

Agileseventeen has a vision to position organizations from a people, culture and process standpoint. We offer training for professionals and small businesses in areas such as quality assurance, scrum professional training, Business analysis, Jira Fundamental Training and Business Analytics.

An agile coach can help you create a work environment that is conducive to change and adaptability. They can also help you identify areas where your team or employees may need more training in order to be truly agile. An Agile Coach is a valuable asset if you want your organization to be successful.

At Agileseventeen, we provide best in class training services for professionals and small businesses in areas of:

  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Scrum Professional Training
  3. Business Analysis
  4. Jira Fundamental Training
  5. Business Analytics

The benefits of these methodologies have been proven time and time again. And we want to help you reap the benefits too:

Improved quality of work: Customer satisfaction and higher profits is guaranteed when your team or employees are properly trained in Quality Assurance.

Increased efficiency: Your team members will be able to work more efficiently and get more done in less time when they leverage the Scrum Framework.

Better decision making: Training your team properly in Business Analysis will empower them to make better decisions that are based on facts and data driven insights.

Improved communication: Leveraging Jira, a project management tool will improve communication and synergy between team members by providing a central place to track and manage tasks in order to deliver more value.

Reduced time to market: When your team is properly trained in agile methodology, they will be able to bring products and services to market faster. This means you can get a competitive edge and achieve your business goals more quickly.

An Agile Coach can provide immense value to small businesses and large corporations by improving the quality of work, increasing efficiency between team members through collaboration, and making better decisions. You can learn more about our Training Programs by contacting us today at talkagile@agileseventeen.com